Snack Plate

Brian is starting to feel like a grown up. Let’s see if Jameson agrees. Probably not, but they do agree on snacks, a second bottle of wine and how cute Chef Mike is. They also discuss the misery that is Houston Texas, 86 year old burlesque dancer Dixie Evans at Binion’s on Fremont Street (Jameson has a new career goal), Zowie Bowie at the M Resort and more dating advice from Jameson. Did you get a new haircut?

See Brian Mollica at the LA Comedy Club in Planet Hollywood, Las Vegas July 5-8. Mention his name at the door and get 50% off the cover.


Snack Plate


8 thoughts on “Snack Plate

  1. Well, I’ve spent the better part of two days convincing Jameson that forcing me to have gay sex is not an “outing.” Looks like things are still gonna get a little “man heavy” this month, but hopefully my business will remain in tact.

    • With my luck you’d probably be right. Same reason I’m not going to Thailand. I’m very susceptible to being “fooled.”

    • The whole experience was bullshit. It will be a while until I try another chance at one of those machines! I’ll stick to Big Buck Hunter and Deal or No Deal.

      • Just so we’re all on the same page here, the “bullshit” you’re referring to is losing at gambling? I’ve said it before, but living in your world must be glorious. Kelowatt stop encouraging her. She gets enough validation from every bartender in Las Vegas.

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