Comedy Debrief

Only Brian and Jameson could turn what was supposed to be a mini-show into an hour bicker-fest.  Brian had a great week of shows at the LA Comedy Club, but thanks to Jameson’s outfits, did anyone notice?  In addition to a review of each show, arguments over flirting, a surprise Saturday night visit and a few “critiques,” they also give a tour of some of Planet Hollywood’s hot spots, including happy hour at Koi, drink specials at Halo Bar, nachos and Karaoke at Cabo Wabo and the greatest lobster roll in town at Lobster Me.  Why does everyone have to assume we’re together!


Comedy Debrief


8 thoughts on “Comedy Debrief

  1. Damn I forgot about the part where I promised Jameson I would mention Hootie & the Blowfish in my act, and actually managed to crowbar it in. It went over about as well as you would think…

    • I think that there were a few things that we forgot to mention. I wanted to point out your concern for your outfit selection each night, and how you bought a new shirt just so you had a different shirt selection for each night (I was super proud of you!).

    • Not sure, we haven’t ventured that far into the makeover. I hope he doesn’t wear briefs….only boxers are acceptable and boxer briefs can be pretty sexy. No patterns and no white, so lets just stick to black. Got this, Brian?

      • I think my underwear situation would be deemed acceptable. I’m thankful that I didn’t let you look through my drawers (both literally and figuratively), because that little jaunt through my closet that you took was a nightmare. Apparently only 10% – 15% of my wardrobe is acceptable. And half of that I’m only allowed to keep for “Senitmental value.”

  2. I honestly don’t know what I did to cause Sara to leave. Then again, I wasn’t really paying attention what she was saying when we were talking, so that could have been it.

    And it was amazing to see how quick Randy took to Jameson. I realize that Brian is prone to exaggeration for effect, but in this case he isn’t. Randy took maybe half a second after being introduced to flirt with Jameson.

    Thanks again for a great time on Sunday!

    • Thank you! You really got to see us at our best/worst. By Sunday we were about done with each other and it all came out in about a four hour bickering festival.

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