My Hand Is Sweaty

Tony desperately tries to make sense of last week’s outing. ¬†His investigation includes returning to the scene of the (bowling) crime, whether watching men strip is better or worse that being fondled by a drag queen, a Jameson shoe update (of course) and why female strippers are infinitely more talented than their male counterparts. ¬†Hurry up, this thing is getting heavy!


My Hand Is Sweaty


3 thoughts on “My Hand Is Sweaty

  1. The only good movie Matthew McConaughey has ever been in is Dazed and Confused. He went extremely down hill after that role.

    • Oh ya, that one too! I also have a soft spot for Failure to Launch (the one with Zooey), I also loved Reign of Fire, and Frailty is really great. Besides that, he really isn’t a good actor…..

    • The only reason he was good in Dazed and Confused is because it required no acting. Pretty sure the role called for a guy who did crunches and bong rips all day, occasionally taking a break to bang a chick. Pretty sure casting nailed that one.

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