Prelude To A Dream Date

Brian’s favorite guest is bacck so let the awkward flirting begin!  Jameson and Lindsay check in live from Alaska to discuss their troubled youth, the many phases and styles of Jameson, and how to drive and smoke a bong at the same time.  We also get an update on why Brian is so adorable and a baby-making update.  Whatever happened to that Tar Heels jersey?


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Prelude To A Dream Date


21 thoughts on “Prelude To A Dream Date

  1. Brian,

    You continue to impress me. Retiree Day for next month takes some serious balls. Yes, it’s something that Jameson likely isn’t going to enjoy which is what makes it such a courageous decision for you.

    If you are successful in putting on an event that Jameson doesn’t like, then it…
    Will. Not. End. Well.

    • I’m already not looking forward to it. I’m not a big “day time activity” person, and he better not expect me to wake up early like old people. I also can’t promise committing to any sort of track suit or sweater with kittens on it. So, we’ll see how this goes.

      • Your outfit should include a black or pink (or both) sweatshirt with rhinestones spelling out “BINGO MAMA” or similar bingo enthusiast catch phrase.

      • I definitely think brunch is in order, but not the swanky “brunch” you and your yappy friends are used to. You can still wear a fedora if you like…

  2. Forget the outing, I may not make it past this episode. I received a text last night from Jameson informing me that she was very annoyed after recording last night. Poor Lindsay had to take the brunt of it!

    • that teet of the birthday card wasn’t enough? time to find another co-host? what about the rampant fan base you two built up? what will become of them? the drama.

      • To be clear, that birthday card was for Lindsay who appreciates the fact that I’m a sensitive artist. You think I’m gonna craft together a birthday card for Jameson? I bedazzled a headset for her 8 months ago and she still refers to me as “her gay.”

  3. Maybe you should work out a tasting event with some St. Ides, Boone’s Farm, and Mad Dog 20/20. The food pairings would be tricky.

  4. random thoughts: doesn’t Jameson already have a serious off-podcast love interest? is that bum getting jealous of BMo? can he really be more needy and attention getting that our fearless host?

    • There a few words that make me more nervous than when Bob in Vegas says, “Random Thoughts…”

      As far as I know, Jameson is a single girl. I can tell you that through my experience hanging out with her, not only do most men not seem jealous of me, there rarely acknowledge my presence.

      As for your last question, there are TONS of people more needy and attention getting than me…Of course I know a lot of comics, so…

  5. after seeing the AK photos+video from Jameson, gotta say, BMo picked a winner in Linds. One hot mama. She needs a new windshield (hint hint).

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