The Douchebag and Unicorn Diaries is a weekly podcast that looks at life through the eyes of two people who experience life in very different ways; stand-up comic and miserable shit Brian Mollica, and sexy Vegas vixen Jameson Monroe.

Each month is broken up into “volumes” with four self contained episodes.

The first show of the month is a general discussion show between Brian and Jameson. They talk about life, interests, relationships, etc., all with a Vegas slant and with each providing their own unique view on the topic.

The second show of the month is their flagship “outing” show. Each month one host takes a turn at planning an evening out. The idea is to give the other a “fish out of water” experience. While Jameson may drag Brian to a nightclub or posh lounge, Brian may plan a tour of local dive bars or an evening of arcade games and bowling. All aspects of the outing are recorded, allowing the listener to take the journey with them and experience each host’s honest reaction to the situation.

The third show of the month is a “debrief” of the previous week’s outing. Hosted by Tony, the show’s executive producer, this show dives beneath the surface to get the untold stories of their latest excursion. Questions are heavily made up of contributions from the listening audience.

The final show of the month is the interview show. Jameson and Brian talk Vegas with the people who know it best. From gorgeous cocktail waitresses to broken down degenerates, local artists and musicians to bartenders who always have the inside scoop. Or sometimes you’ll get a chance to get to know a little more about the hosts that keep this show going.

At any time the hosts may include reviews of the various local venues they visit; restaurants, bars, lounges and happy hours, giving the listeners their opinion on all the hot spots and hidden treasures that the “Entertainment Capitol of the World” has to offer.

DUdiaries is fun, fast-paced, uncensored and irreverent. In other words, it’s Vegas! It doesn’t matter what kind of Vegas you love, because from the glitter to the gutter, Brian and Jameson have you covered.


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