The Douchebag

Brian Mollica began a career in stand-up at the age of 19. For over a decade he has been traveling the country, performing on the legendary stages of New York, the Las Vegas strip, and every shit hole in between. He now looks at the world with the jaded point of view that only someone who has failed to achieve his dreams can have. Brian is the creator and host of the popular This Ain’t Iowa podcast.

The Unicorn

To look at her you would never assume that Jameson Monroe began her life in a log cabin in Alaska. She’s since traded in the parka for a bikini and now this girl is all Vegas. She’s sassy, opinionated and has the luxury of going through life as the luckiest of all creatures, a hot chick in Las Vegas.


4 thoughts on “Hosts

  1. Brian:
    I just read your latest blog entry and was moved to respond. Briefly, you speak for many people when talking about being a “coward” in reference to taking a traditional job and not having the courage to pursue your dream. Trust me, before accepting your previous career position, you had exhibited more courage in attempting to chase your dream than 99% of us ever have or will in our life. I applaud you for your honesty and allowing us, the listeners, to learn more about this man that makes us laugh through his truly wonderful sense of humor every week! NOW is your time Brian!! Chase that dream and know ALL of us out here in podcast land are pulling for you!

  2. Thanks man. I appreciate the kind words. I may not get another opportunity so I’m going to try to chase it as hard as possible now!

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